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Pickleball Ireland are excited to announce our first national league competition will take place on 26-February and 5-March-2023 in UCD Sports Centre, Belfield, Dublin 4. 

League Format

  • Each team in the league will consist of four players (two men and two women). From this team, players will play across Mixed Doulbes, Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles events.

  • The four players can represent a Pickleball Club (one team per club) or enter as a group of individuals. All players must be registered members of Pickleball Ireland to play.

  • Teams can nominate a number of substitute players should a player not be able to play a match.

  • Matches consist of four games up to 21 points. Each point scored in a game will represent a point for your team in the league. The points across all the games you play will be totaled to give your team's league score.

  • Teams can enter at one of the following three different grades:

    • Level I (2.0 and below)​

    • Level II (2.1 to 3.4 inclusive)

    • Level III (3.5 and above)

  • There are eight teams at each grade level which will be split into two groups of four. The top teams of each group will enter a Semi Final format to decide the overall winner of that grade.


  • Registration is now open for teams. Only one person per team should complete the registration form.

  • As there is a limit of 8 teams per grade level, registration is on a first come basis.

  • The registration fee is 60 Euro per Team. This is payable by bank transfer to Pickleball Ireland. Include your team name on the bank transfer.

    • IBAN: IE05AIBK93252376313065

    • BIK: AIBKIE2D​

  • Your team's registration will only be deemed valid upon receipt of the registration fee.

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