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Pickleball Ireland Background

Pickleball Ireland has been in existence since 2016 with the principal aim of promoting and encouraging the game in Ireland not simply as a sport but a really fun recreational activity for all ages.

Progress has been really good to date with the sport now played in 20 counties on the island of Ireland and overall, there are 500+ individuals actively involved in both organised and private settings.

With the formation of a not-for-profit legal company we are delighted to have Michael McDaid  as a Development Officer to benefit from all the great work and experience he has provided since 2016.  The Board has a plan of action which will build on the previous work including the very successful tournaments both at national and international level - all of which we believe will further promote the game in Ireland as a whole.

We are looking to introduce the sport in schools, third level colleges, local county councils as well as representative bodies and, we believe their member would benefit quite a lot from participation generally.

We generally believe this promotional plan is an exciting development in the growth of Pickleball in Ireland.

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