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In anticipation of the Irish Open, Pickleball Ireland are hosting a Warm-Up Tournival in UCD Sports Centre on Sunday 5-March.


The Spring Tournival will allow players to acclimatise to playing in the venue where the open will be held in June. Players will have an opportunity to practice with their partner and assess their team's level.


If you don't already have a partner for the open, it's a great opportunity to pair with someone else looking for a partner.


  • There will be Male/Female Doubles play in the morning and Mixed Doubles play in the afternoon

  • There will be two different levels offered:

    • Novice (2.5 and below)

    • Intermediate (3.5 and below)


Tournival Image.png


  • Players should enter at the same level as they intend to play at in the Irish Open in order to best judge their team’s level of play.

  • Enter with your nominated partner or indicate that you are willing to be matched with a partner.

  • Places are limited. Entrance cost 15 Euro and is limited to current registered members of Pickleball Ireland.

  • Your registration will only be deemed valid upon receipt of the registration fee.

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