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Pickleball Ireland
Kukri Irish National Championships 

Registration is now closed.

Tips when Registering

  • Please only register for one event in each category (Singles, Same-Gender Doubles, Mixed Doubles) as it will likely not be possible to schedule your matches should you enter more than one event.

  • When registering with a doubles partner, both partners will need to register on the Pickleball Global website. Once your partner has registered, you will be able to select them in the system when registering. 

  • Don't have a partner? Let others know in the event chat and fill in our partner matching form. Lisburn Pickleball Club will try to match a suitable partner for you if one is available.

  • If you have to cancel your registration and do so before the registration deadline (29th Feb) - we will refund 90& of the fee. If the cancellation is after that date - your fee is non-refundable.

Registration Confirmation:
  • Once you've registered on Pickleball Global, you should see your name in the list of registered players. 

Tips when Registering

  • When registering take note of the Pickleball Rating Guide

  • Please note that Pickleball Global displays the max rating for each category. For example, for intermediate it will display 3.0 as this is the max rating. Please refer to the table below which shows the name of each event in Pickleball Global.

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